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They say the past is another country, but it’s always been just around the corner in Budapest. Witness the bullet holes and shrapnel pockmarks on buildings from World War II and the 1956 Uprising. There are sad reminders like the poignant Shoes on the Danube memorial, but ones, too, of hope and reconciliation – like the 'sword' of the former secret-police building on Andrássyút now beaten into the 'ploughshare' that is the House of Terror, with both sides of the story told.

The city is blessed with an abundance of hot springs. As a result, ‘taking the waters’ has been a Budapest experience since the time of the Romans. The choice of bathhouses is generous – you can choose among Turkish-era, art nouveau and modern establishments. Some people come seeking a cure for whatever ails them, but the majority are there for fun and relaxation – though we still maintain it’s the world’s best cure for what Hungarians call a macskajaj (cat’s wail) – hangover.

  1. Great Synagogue - Budapest's stunning Great Synagogue is the largest Jewish house of worship in the world outside New York City. Built in 1859, the synagogue has both Romantic and Moorish architectural elements. Inside, the Hungarian Jewish Museum & Archives contains objects relating to both religious and everyday life. On the synagogue’s north side, the Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial presides over the mass graves of those murdered by the Nazis.
  2. Hungarian National Museum - It is the oldest public museum in Hungary and it stands as a great example of Neo-Classicist architecture. This museum is dedicated to the history of Hungary and today it remains a symbol of Hungary's national identity. The permanent exhibition includes furniture, textiles, weapons, metalwork and ceramics. One of the most valuable items is the Coronation Mantle.
  3. Museum of Applied Arts - was established in 1872 and it opened as the world's third applied arts museum. The rich permanent collection includes Hungarian folk ceramics, medieval goldsmith works from the Esterházy-treasury, French furniture, Ottoman carpets, Baroque gold ware, Tiffany glass and Zsolnay ceramics. Temporary exhibitions range from 16th century costumes to contemporary design items.
  4. House of Terror - commemorates the victims of both the Communist and the Nazi regimes in Hungary. The building served as the former headquarter of the ultra-right (Nazi) party, and its basement was used as a prison. During Communism, the building was taken over by the State Security (Hungarian version of the KGB). Hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, were tortured in the House of Terror.
  5. Holocaust Memorial Center -The theme of the permanent exhibition is the Holocaust in Hungary. Its aim is to present and describe the persecution, suffering and murdering of Hungarian citizens, Jews and Roma, doomed to be exterminated on the basis of a racist ideology. The leading idea of the exhibition is to shed light on the relation between the state and the citizen. One of the central motifs of the thematic blocs is a series of real individual and family stories, displayed continuously on the wall encircling the whole exhibition. At each thematically defined unit of the exhibition, multimedia illustrations on touch-screens are available for the visitors, including archive photos, movies, contemporary documents and additional explanations of the particular theme.
  6. Aquincum Museum -From the first century B.C. to the fifth century A.D., western Hungary was part of the Roman Empire. Aquincum, the ancestor of Budapest, was a major settlement, with over 15,000 inhabitants. Its ruins date back to the second century. Remains of an amphitheatre, mosaic floors, tombstones, statues and a reconstructed water-organ are the main attractions at the Museum of Aquincum. Each year the Aquincum Museum hosts a traditional Roman spring festival with theatre performances and gladiator shows. Floralia, held usually around the end of May, has become popular event.
  7. Liberty Monument -The Statue of Liberty in Budapest, Hungary, was raised in remembrance of the Soviet liberation of Hungary from Nazi forces during World War II. Its location upon Gellért Hill makes it a prominent feature of Budapest's cityscape. The 14 metre tall bronze statue stands atop a 26 metre pedestal and holds a palm leaf. Several smaller statues are also present around the base.
  8. Memento Park - Memento Park, a Communist-themed outdoor museum is a reminder of the fall of tyranny. Statue Park is probably the best-known attraction within Memento Park. The Statue Park is a collection of the communist monuments that were removed from the streets and squares of Budapest at the fall of the system. Among many others, displayed here are the statues of the soviet soldier that once stood on Gellért Hill, Lenin, Dimitrov, Ostapenko, Captain Steinmetz, Marx, Engels, Béla Kun and the Monument to the Hungarian Socialist Republic.
  9. Hungarian Parliament Building - It is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings, a notable landmark of Hungary and a popular tourist destination of Budapest. It is currently the largest building in Hungary and still the tallest building in Budapest. The Budapest Parliament building is the third largest Parliament building in the world.
  10. Hungarian State Opera House - The opera house in Budapest stands as one of the most beautiful Neo-Renaissance buildings in Europe. Construction included the use of marble and frescos by some of the best artisans of that era. The Budapest Opera House is considered to be amongst the best opera houses in the world in terms of its acoustics, and has an auditorium that seats 1200 people. It is horseshoe-shaped and, according to measurements done by a group of international engineers, has the third best acoustics amongst similar European venues.
  11. Gresham Palace - The building is an outstanding example of the Central European Art-Nouveau. Its interior features numerous stained glass, mosaic and ironwork masterpieces, winter gardens and other extraordinary elements. Originally the palace was an office building, built by the British Gresham Insurance Company in 1906. In 2001, Four Seasons Hotels, becoming the first luxury hotel in the region, purchased the building. Today, Gresham Palace is considered to be one of the very best and most expensive hotels of Hungary, but you can well enjoy the Art-Nouveau atmosphere by sitting in for a cocktail.
  12. Vajdahunyad Castle - one of the romantic castles in Budapest. The castle is in fact a fantasy pastiche showcasing the architectural evolution through centuries and styles in Hungary. The castle is the home of several festivals, concerts and the exhibitions of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum. Vajdahunyad Castle amalgamates some of the finest buildings in the historical Hungary into a single eclectic palace featuring styles from the Middle Ages to the 18th century: Romanesque, Gothic Renaissance, Baroque buildings.
  13. Müpa Budapest - MUPA means “the palace of arts” and indeed, that’s what it is. This enormous cultural complex is home to two concert-halls and to the Ludwig múzeum – Hungarian contemporary arts museum. MUPA has a broad musical offer. Not only does it host operas and classical musical concerts led by world-famous conductors, it also features folk, world and jazz concerts and even dance performances.
  14. Vigadó Concert Hall - It is Budapest's second largest concert hall. Although the acoustics are lacking, the building itself makes a bold impression along the Pest embankment. The BudaiVigadó is the home stage of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble (The House of Traditions), the group having started in 1951 with Hungarian traditional dance and music. The group consists of 30 dancers, a Gypsy band of 14, and a 5-member folk band.
  15. Franz Liszt Academy of Music - It is a concert hall and music conservatory in Budapest. The Academy opened its doors in 1875, and in a short period of time it became one of the most prestigious musical institutions in Europe. A major development in its history was the recent establishment of a new, independent Folk Music Faculty.
  16. Michael's Church - Founded by the Dominican Order, the history of this single-naved church dates back to the 1700-s. The Paulines followed the Dominicans and the Mary Ward Nuns, who opened and ran a girls school in the adjacent building until 1950. The high altar and the furniture in the sacristy all date from the 1760s and are the work of Dominican friars. The high altar picture depicts St. Dominic with the Virgin Mary who is passing him a rosary.
  17. St Elizabeth's Church - This Catholic Church was designed in a striking Gothic style, and the two 76 meters tall spires spring from the bases of the building as if to pierce the sky with their slenderness, overlooking the entire Rozsaktere (Square of Roses) where the edifice is located. The Gothic style of the building is clearly observed by the structure of the rosary, which is placed right on top of the entrance.
  18. Stephen's Basilica - the largest church in Budapest, is dedicated to Hungary’s first king, St. Stephen. His mummified right hand is kept in a glass case in the chapel to the left of the main altar. The beautiful interior is also noteworthy as it is decorated by famous artists of the era. It took more than 50 years to build the Basilica.
  19. Tropicarium - It is Central Europe's largest saltwater aquarium. Hundreds of animals - exotic birds, squirrel monkeys, fish, including Hungarian species, tropical fish and sharks, alligators and other reptiles - are kept in their recreated natural habitat. Visitors can get up close and personal with birds and small monkeys while walking through a tropical rainforest or watch one of the 8 sharks from a glass observation tunnel leading through their aquarium. In addition to the huge saltwater aquarium there are about 50 other aquariums, including a large freshwater aquarium dedicated to the various fish species indigenous to Hungary. This open-air aquarium creates a completely natural ecosystem that changes along with the seasons.
  20. Budapest Zoo &Botanical Garden - It is the oldest zoo park in Hungary and one of the oldest in the world. The zoo is located in the city centre. The Budapest Zoo is home to a number of noteworthy Art Nouveau buildings: the main entrance, the Elephant House, the Bird House and the Palm House. Kids will enjoy the 'Kindergarten', where various baby animals can be seen together in one area. The Budapest Zoo always provides a great experience, as it's more like being in a botanical garden with animals.

Costes Restaurant - Address: Budapest, Ráday u. 4, 1092, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 219 0696

It is a smart, neutral-toned dining room for tasting menus of gourmet fish & meat dishes & Hungarian wines.

2-            Onyx - Address: 1051 Budapest Vörösmartytér 7-8, Hungary

Tel: +36-30-508-0622. E-mail: [email protected]

This restaurant offers Hungarian classics with modern elements. For a sampling of the remarkable tastes here opt for one of their tasting menus or try a lunch special as a more affordable option. The philosophy of the restaurant and the Café is one and the same everywhere: the encounter of tradition and innovation.

3-            Gundel - Address: 1146 Budapest, Gundel K. út 4, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 889 8111 / +36 30 603 2480.E-mail: [email protected]

Gundel has won several awards since its opening, and many celebrities and heads of states have dined here. The menu in the Gundel is based on traditional Hungarian cuisine. Be sure to try one of Gundel's signature deserts, the Gundelpalacsinta. This is a crepe with a rum, raisin and walnut filling, served with chocolate sauce.

4-            Bock Bisztró - Address: 1073 Budapest, Erzsébetkörút 43-49, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 321 03 40.E-mail: [email protected]

Awarded Bib Gourmand by the Michelin Guide, the Bock Bistro specializes in Hungarian-inspired dishes fused with Spanish tapas. Famous for its superb wine list and friendly atmosphere, Bock Bistro is popular with locals and travelers alike for its delicious food and friendly atmosphere.

5-            Városliget Café - Address: 1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 5, Hungary

Tel: +36-30-869-1426

It is a restaurant and café in a historic building surrounded by a fabulous environment in front of a beautiful lake. Its specialty is “tányérhús”, one of the finest dishes of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. For the coffees, the coffee beans are grounded and roasted on the spot, somewhat reminiscent of the Nyugat generation’s era.

6-            M. Restaurant - Address: Budapest V11, Kertész u. 48, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 322 3108 / +36 30 623 7673

M is a relaxed little restaurant with brown paper on the tables and sketches on the walls. The menu, which changes daily, is a mix of traditional, home style Hungarian food and some elements adapted from French bistro classics. The ground floor is small but cute, the upstairs room is non-smoking.

7-            Hard Rock Cafe Budapest - Address: 1051 Budapest, V. district, DeákFerenc street 3-5, Hungary. Tel: +36 30 572 4011.E-mail: [email protected]

Hard Rock Cafe is known for great food, and with good reason. Each one of the dishes is made in house using fresh ingredients and local flavors. The four-level, almost 1100 square-meter club and restaurant awaits residents and foreigners alike with 220 seats, a hustling-bustling bar, live music stage and Rock Shop. On the walls of the Budapest Hard Rock one can marvel at the unique pieces of the biggest rock collection ever. Among the relics are hand-written letters by Madonna, Janis Joplin’s purse, Slash’s vest, Michael Jackson’s hat, Prince’s, George Michael’s and Lenny Kravitz’s guitars, Mick Jagger’s suit and Tina Turner’s shiny, black, glass-heeled shoes.

8-            Corvin Club & Roof Terrace - Address: Budapest, 1085, BlahaLujzatér 1-2, Hungary

Tel: +36 20 474 0831

International headliners, local heroes, concerts and cultural events are the mainstay of the program, and there’s always something interesting happening. There's after-party Sunday mornings and rooftop cinema on Monday and Tuesday nights.

9-            Ötkert – Address: Budapest, Zrínyi u. 4, 1051 Hungary

Tel: +36 70 330 8652.E-mail: [email protected]

A trendy pub and much more in the heart of the city centre. With its youthful style and colourful, ever-changing interior Ötkert is the ideal venue for any event. It is a busy bar serving food plus big, informal club with DJs, live bands & open-air dance floor & terrace.

10-          Instant - Address: 1065 Nagymezőutca 38, Budapest, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 311 0704

Boasting enchanted vibes in the city’s bustling party scene, this beloved open-all-night Budapest ruin bar has always stood out from ordinary pubs found citywide. With its amalgam of colorful props hanging down from the ceiling, including an oversized white owl with its wings stretched out wide, herds of rabbits flying above the psychedelic central hall, and flower-patterned wallpaper covering the building’s crumbling walls, Instant provides a dreamlike experience for those who enter its surreal chambers, where revelers often twirl on the dance floor until sunrise.

7-            Doboz - Address: Budapest, Klauzál u. 10, 1072 Hungary. Tel: +36 20 449 4801

It is the largest party venue and bar of District VII. It was named after a huge, red, box-shaped creation in the venue’s very heart ("doboz" means "box" in Hungarian). The peculiarity of the place is that as opposed to the ruin pubs of the district, it has a refined interior, while still retaining some of the characteristics of derelict buildings. With its thematized, vast spaces – Grill Terrace, House Party Room, The Saloon – Doboz is truly a sight to behold. You can enjoy pieces of art courtesy of contemporary Hungarian artists, although the main attraction of Doboz is undoubtedly the King Kong sculpture hanging from a tree in the middle of the garden.

The public transportation system in Budapest is a favorite internal travel option for a number of Budapest visitors. The system is efficient, inexpensive and runs throughout all of the major tourist areas of Budapest. The system consists of a combination of the bus, trolley-bus, tram, metro, and train lines and is streamlined so that tickets for all of them can generally be purchased at the same locations. The Centre provides public transit in Budapest for Budapest Transport (BKK, BudapestiKözlekedésiKözpont), one of the largest transportation authorities in Europe. BKK operates 4 metro lines (including the historic Line 1, the oldest underground railway in continental Europe), 5 suburban railway lines, 33 tram lines, 15 trolleybus lines, 264 bus lines (including 40 night routes), 4 boat services, and BuBi, a smart bicycle sharing network.


Address: 1222 Budapest, Nagytétényiút 37-43, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 424 3053

E-mail: [email protected]

2-            Budapest Zoo &Botanical Garden

Address: H-1146 Budapest, Állatkertikrt. 6-12, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 273 4900

E-mail: [email protected]

3-            St. Michael's Church

Address: Budapest, Váci u. 47/b, 1056 Hungary

Tel: +36 1 337 8116

4-            St. Stephen's Basilica

Address: 1051 Budapest, SzentIstvántér 1, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 311 0839

5-            Hungarian Parliament Building

Address: H-1055 Budapest, Kossuth tér 1-3, Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 441-4000

E-mail: [email protected]

6-            Hungarian State Opera House

Address: H-1061 Budapest, Andrássyút 22, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 81 47 100

E-mail: [email protected]

7-            Gresham Palace

Address: Budapest, SzéchenyiIstvántér 5-6, 1051 Hungary

Tel: +36 1 268 6000

8-            Vajdahunyad Castle

Address: Budapest, Vajdahunyadvár, 1146 Hungary

Tel: +36 1 422 0765

9-            Müpa Budapest

Address: 1095 Budapest, KomorMarcell u. 1, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 555 3000

E-mail: [email protected]

10-          Vigadó Concert Hall

Address: Vigadótér 2, Budapest, 1051, Hungary

Tel: +36 20 429 4124

E-mail: [email protected]

11-          Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest

Address: Hungary, 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenctér 8

Tel: +36 1 462 4600

E-mail: [email protected]

12-          National Széchényi Library

Address: SzentGyörgytér 4-5-6., H-1014 Budapest, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 224 3700 / +36 20 224 3700

E-mail: [email protected]

13-          Hungarian National Museum

Address: Hungary 1088 Budapest Múzeumkrt. 14–16

Tel: +36 1 327 77 00 / +36 1 327 7749

E-mail: [email protected]

14-          Museum of Applied Arts

Address: Budapest, Üllőiút 33-37, 1091 Hungary

Tel: +36 1 456 5107

E-mail: [email protected]

15-          House of Terror

Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássyút 60, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 374 26 00

E-mail: [email protected]

16-          Holocaust Memorial Center

Address: 39 Páva St, Budapest, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 455-3333

E-mail: [email protected]

17-          Aquincum Museum

Address: 135 Szentendreiút, 1031 Budapest, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 430 1081

E-mail: [email protected]

18-          Liberty Statue

Address: 1118 Budapest, Gellérthegy, Hungary

19-          Memento Park

Address: 1223 Budapest, Balatoni road – Szabadkai street corner, Hungary

Tel: + 36 1 424 7500


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