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Discover Mendoza with Checkin Accommodation

Mendoza is a city in Argentina’s Cuyo region and the heart of Argentina's wine country, famed for Malbecs and other red wines. Its many bodegas (wineries) offer tastings and tours. A bustling city of wide, leafy avenues, atmospheric plazas and cosmopolitan cafes, Mendoza is a trap. Even if you’ve (foolishly) only given it a day or two on your itinerary, you’re bound to end up hanging around, captivated by the laid-back pace, while surrounded by every possible comfort.

Ostensibly it’s a desert town, though you wouldn’t know unless you were told – acequias (irrigation ditches) that run beside every main road and glorious fountains that adorn every main plaza mean you’ll never be far from the burble of running water.

Lively during the day, the city really comes into its own at night, when the bars, restaurants and cafes along Av Arístides fill up and overflow onto the sidewalks, with all the bright young things, out to see and be seen.

All over the country (and in much of the world), the name Mendoza is synonymous with wine, and this is the place to base yourself if you’re up for touring the vineyards, taking a few dozen bottles home or just looking for a good vintage to accompany the evening’s pizza.

The city’s wide range of tour operators also makes it a great place to organize rafting, skiing and other adventures in the nearby Andes.

Mendoza is 1050km west of Buenos Aires via RN 7 and 340km northwest of Santiago (Chile) via the Los Libertadores border complex.

Strictly speaking, the provincial capital proper is a relatively small area with a population of only about 115,000, but the inclusion of the departments of Las Heras, Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz, along with nearby Maipú and Luján de Cuyo, swells the population of Gran Mendoza (Greater Mendoza) to a little over one million.

  1. General San Martín Park - State Park - Expansive urban park featuring a lake, a rose garden & promenades lined with statuary.Walking along the lakeshore and snoozing in the shade of the rose garden in this beautiful 420-hectare park is a great way to enjoy one of the city’s highlights. Walk along Sarmiento/Civit out to the park and admire some of Mendoza’s finest houses on the way. Pick up a park map at the Centro de Información, just inside the impressive entry gates, shipped over from England and originally forged for the Turkish Sultan Hamid II.
  2. Museo del are fundacional – Museum - Historical city models & artifacts exhibited amid archaeological remains of pre-Columbian Mendoza.Mendoza’s Museo Fundacional protects excavations of the colonial cabildo (town council), destroyed by an earthquake in 1861. At that time, the city’s geographical focus shifted west and south to its present location. A series of small dioramas depicts Mendoza’s history, working through all of human evolution as if the city of Mendoza were the climax (maybe it was).
  3. Plaza Independencia - Landscaped square & lively hangout featuring shade trees, a semicircular fountain & vendors.
  4. Plaza España - State Park - Lively landscaped plaza featuring extensive Spanish-style tiles, shaded benches & a fountain.
  5. Plaza Chile - State Park - Landscaped square with a fountain, shade trees & statue symbolizing Argentine-Chilean friendship.
  6. Plaza Italia - Tranquil plaza featuring tropical & evergreen trees, benches, a fountain & a statue honoring Italy.
  7. Museo Municipal Arte Moderno - Modern Art Museum - Temporary exhibitions of contemporary & modern art in an intimate space under Plaza Independencia.This is a relatively small but well-organized facility with modern and contemporary art exhibits. Free concerts and theatrical performances are usually held here on Sunday night at 8pm – stop by for the weekly program. It’s underground at the Plaza Independencia.
  8. Plaza San Martin – Park - Verdant, landscaped square featuring shaded benches & a big equestrian statue of General San Martín
  9. Mercado Central – Market - Lively indoor market featuring colorful butcher counters, produce vendors & hot-food stands.The renovated Mercado Central is a good hunting ground for cheap pizza, empanadas and sandwiches.
  1. Azafran Restaurant - Restaurant

Address: Av. Sarmiento 765, Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 429-4200

  1. Anna bistró - French Restaurant

Address: Av. Juan B. Justo 161, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 425-1818

  1. Fuente y Fonda - Argentinian Restaurant

Address: Montevideo 675, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 429-8833

  1. La Marchigiana Centro - Italian Restaurant

Address: Patricias Mendocinas 1550, M5500EAV Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 423-0751

  1. Johnny B.Good - Bar & Grill

Address: Av. Arístides Villanueva 373, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 423-3676

  1. El palenque aristides - Restaurant

Address: Av. Arístides Villanueva 287, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 429-1814

  1. Believe Pub Irlandes - Irish Pub

Address: Av. Colón 241, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 429-5567

  1. Los Angelitos Teatro Bar - Bar

Address: Buenos Aires 202, Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 420-0095

  1. Jerome Brew Pub - Pub

Address: Av. Arístides Villanueva 347, M5502ITD Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 420-4091

  1. Decimo Resto Wine Bar - Bar & Grill

Address: Garibaldi 7, Piso 10, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina. Phone:+54 261 434-0135

Public transport runs from 6 to 01 am..

The passage, either bus, trolley or metrovia, is paid through a machine located inside each vehicle, which only receives coins and not give back. Another form of payment is by Redbus card, which is purchased in kioskos and shops enabled.

Buses: These are divided into 10 groups according to the company that operates it, which in turn are subdivided into 129 paths or lines.

Trolleybuses: The city of Mendoza has six electric trolley tours, an ecological, quiet and quite economical transportation. The service is free for pensioners and the disabled. It has six lines.

Urban Shopping Trolley: it is a mean of public transportation which has a fixed route and circulates around the four main avenues of the city (San Martin, Colón, Belgrano and Las Heras). It operates between 8am and 22pm, going every 15 minutes in each block, so users, paying a single passage, can make the circuit in which they can enjoy an entertaining walk around town while they shop where they wish to buy something. The entire circuit is about 25 minutes.

The units feature a colorful design that resemble trams circulating in Mendoza in the 60s, with wooden seats, bell and a driver dressing typical attire of the era. A pleasing experience to consider during your stay in Mendoza.

Metrotranvía: A mean of modern, fast, efficient and sustainable transport which helps to rationalize the use of urban public space; reducing noise pollution and the emission of toxic gases. Currently joins Maipú and City through 15 stations on 12.5 km length of the trace.

  1. General San Martín Park

Address: 5500 Mendoza, Mendoza Province, Argentina Phone: -


Address: Av. Gdor. Ricardo Videla, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina Phone: +54 261 425-6927

  1. Plaza Independencia

Address: Rivadavia 424, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina Phone: +54 261 244-2012

  1. Plaza España

Address: Mendoza, Mendoza Province, Argentina Phone: +54 0000000

  1. Plaza Chile

Address: Gutiérrez, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina

  1. Plaza Italia

Address: Montevideo 685, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina

  1. Museo Municipal Arte Moderno

Address: Plaza de la Independencia, Rivadavia, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina Phone:+54 261 425-7279

  1. Plaza San Martin

Address: Gutiérrez, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina

  1. Mercado Central

Address: Av. Las Heras 279, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina Phone: +54 261 425-6904


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