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Located on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, Montréal has prospered as a cosmopolitan hub of communications and trade. Jacques Cartier landed here in 1535 and took the territory for his King, François I of France. But it wasn't until 1642 that Paul de Chomedey, the god-fearing Sieur de Maisonneuve, founded a small mission station here. Called Ville Marie de Mont-Réal this was the original settlement that today is Montréal. It has grown to be the second largest French-speaking city in the world. Part of the Hochelaga archipelago, the city itself is an island with Mount Royal (233 meters) in the city center. Montréal's climate swings between the extremes of high humid heat in summer and heavy snowfalls in winter.

Montréal is a slice of old Europe in a pie of contemporary design. A day’s wander might take in the photogenic 18th-century facades of Old Montréal before a cycling tour of the lovely Canal de Lachine, or a wander through the glittering shops and restaurants of downtown before ending at the inviting terraced cafes of Plateau Mont-Royal. The architectural sweep of the city takes in a wealth of heritage churches such as the breathtaking Basilique Notre-Dame, as well as 20th-century icons like the Stade Olympique and Habitat 67. Montréal's hotels and museums additionally push the edges of contemporary interior design.

The Québécois love their summers and autumnal colors, but it is the winter that defines much of their lives, which slow down and become more insular in the grip of those long, dark months. With that said, the passion for life that animates Canadian Francophones does not truly dim in the cold, but is rather celebrated around cozy fireplaces, in friendly pubs, at steaming sugar shacks, and, of course, on the slopes of local mountains via skis, snowboards and toboggans.

Montréal remains the country’s cultural juggernaut. The city, standard bearer of an entire linguistic-cultural identity – Francophone Canada – simply lives for public celebration of the arts. There are some 250 theater and dance companies, more than 90 festivals and a fascinating medley of neighborhoods where artists, writers and musicians have helped cement the city’s reputation as a great arts center. The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal is the headline event, followed by parties dedicated to world cinema, comedy and gay pride.

Mont Royal - Mont-Royal rises 233 meters above the city and is the green lung near the city center. A stroll through this lovely park enables the visitor to see monuments to Jacques Cartier and King George VI, to spend some time by Lac-aux-Castors, and to have a look at the cemeteries on the western slope where the city's different ethnic groups have rested in peace together for centuries. From the summit, or rather from a platform below the cross, there unfolds a magnificent panorama of the whole of the 51-kilometer length of the Île de Montréal and the St. Lawrence. On clear days, the view extends to the Adirondack Mountains in the United States of America.

  1. Old Montreal - Old Montréal is a remarkable concentration of buildings dating from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The district has the delightful feel of a Parisian-style quarter, situated as it is between the waterfront and the business hub. Its many historic sites, streets, and landmarks are best explored on foot. Those not to miss include the twin towers of Notre-Dame Basilica, the quays of the revitalized Old Port, and the open-air gathering space of Place Jacques-Cartier.
  2. Parc Jean Drapeau - Île Sainte-Hélène (named after the wife of Samuel de Champlain) and the artificial island of Notre-Dame were the site of Expo '67. They are now known as Parc Jean Drapeau and have many family-minded attractions. A remnant of the 1967 world fair, the Biosphere is now a museum dedicated to ecological issues. The building is designed in the shape of a sphere and is the largest such structure in the world. Other tourist attractions on the islands include the rides and games of La Ronde Amusement Park, the historic 1820 British arsenal at the Stewart Museum, Bassin Olympique (where the Olympic rowing events were held), and race course Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.
  3. Botanical Garden - Parc Maisonneuve (Pie IX Metro) incorporates the wonderfully imaginative botanical garden. At Jardin Botanique, visitors are drawn in particular to the Japanese and Chinese Gardens, exceptional glasshouses, and displays of orchids and bonsai. There is an interesting Insectarium and huge arboretum on the grounds, as well as ponds supporting a variety of birds.
  4. Rue Sherbrooke - Named after Sir John Sherbrooke, Governor General of Canada from 1816 to 1818, Rue Sherbrooke is probably the city's most elegant thoroughfare. It is the spine of the city and the location of many major museums and institutions. On Rue Sherbrooke, the McCord Museum of Canadian History has an outstanding collection of exhibits on Canada's social history, especially native peoples such as the Inuit and Pacific Coast First Nations. The Musée des Beaux Arts is the oldest museum in Canada and houses vast collections of painting, sculpture, and new media. Not far from the museum is the extensive campus of McGill University.
  5. Places Jacques-Cartier - A gathering point in Old Montréal that's especially lively in summer, Place Jacques-Cartier is a popular tourist spot surrounded by historic buildings, pretty gardens, public services, and restaurants. At the uphill end, there is a Nelson's Column and the impressive Montréal City Hall.
  6. Notre-Dame Basilica - Founded in 1656, Montréal's oldest church, Notre-Dame Basilica, stands in a far grander incarnation than the original. The twin towers of the neo-Gothic façade face Place d'Armes. An intricate and resplendent interior is the work of Victor Bourgeau. Throughout the year, an evening light and sound show retells the story of Montréal's founding.
  7. Olympic Park - Montréal's Olympic Park was the site of the 1976 Summer Olympics. With the seashell-shaped Olympic Stadium at its heart, the park is a major recreation destination. Other sites within the park include the covered botanic-zoological Biodôme garden, the creative botanical garden, and collections of creepy-crawlies at the Insectarium.
  8. St. Joseph's Oratory - The Oratoire Saint-Joseph in Montréal, near the western exit from Mount Royal Park, is dedicated to Canada's patron saint. It is a mecca for pilgrims, with its huge Renaissance-style domed basilica dating to 1924. Brother André of the Congrégation de Sainte-Croix had already built a small chapel here in 1904, where he performed miraculous acts of healing for which he was canonized in 1982. His tomb is in one part of the sanctuary in the original chapel. Votive gifts are displayed in a second chapel. A cloister behind the church leads up to Mont-Royal. There is a good northwest view from the observatory over Montréal and Lac Saint-Louis.
  9. St. Mary Queen of the World - The Catholic Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, east of Place du Canada, was built in 1894 as a smaller version of St. Peter's in Rome. The massive statues represent the patron saints of the Archbishopric of Montréal in the 19th century. A series of paintings by Georges Delfosse retell Montréal's tumultuous history.
  10. Square Saint-Louis - Near the Sherbrooke Metro Station, Square Saint-Louis rates as one of Montréal's prettiest old squares and is set in a turn-of-the-century French-Canadian residential quarter. In the little streets around the tree-shaded square, there are still a few attractive Victorian houses. Some now house pleasant restaurants.
  11. Lachine - Lachine, on the southeast bank of Montréal Island (in Lac St.-Louis), got its name from the first pioneers who, in the 17th century, made their way up the St. Lawrence looking for a route to China (in French, "la Chine"). The Lachine Canal, a way of getting round the Lachine Rapids, was dug in 1825. It is many years, however, since it was last used for shipping and nowadays forms part of a park and offers plenty of opportunities for charming trips along the canal banks.
  12. Rue St-Denis - Running parallel to St. Laurent, Rue St. Denis is one of the hippest shopping, arts, and dining streets in Montréal. Historic buildings have been converted into boutiques, bistros, and cafés. At one end, St. Denis starts in the student-minded Quartier Latin neighborhood (it's handy to Université du Québec à Montréal and the Grande Bibliothèque) and heads west into the trendy Plateau area with its independent designers and chef-run restaurants.
  13. Chinatown - Montréal's Chinatown is centered on Rue de la Gauchetière, with Chinese arches marking the heart of the quarter. This dates from the late 1860s, when many Chinese laborers who originally came to work in the mines and build the railroad moved into the cities in search of a better life. Today's Chinatown is no longer exclusively Chinese, but a place where anyone can relax and enjoy a good meal.

Blessed with one of the most exciting food scenes in North America, Montréal brims with temples dedicated to Kamouraska lamb, Arctic char and, of course, poutine (fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy). You’ll find irresistible patisseries, English pubs, 80-plus-year-old Jewish delis and magnificent food markets reminiscent of Paris. There are hipster bars with tiny bowling alleys and innumerable cafes in which to while away a lazy afternoon. And there are late-night eateries where you can linger over wondrous combinations of food and drink that you'll find nowhere else on earth.

  1. Bar le Lab - Mixologist Fabien Maillard crafts seasonal cocktails at his intimate bar, with mixing workshops. Address: 1351 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2K2, Canada. Phone:+1 514-544-1333
  2. Dieu du Ciel – Bustling neighbourhood pub with homegrown house brews & exotic imports, plus a patio & light fare. Address: 29 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montréal, QC H2T 2N2, Canada. Phone:+1 514-490-9555
  3. La Distillerie no.1 – Bar. Address: 300 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H2X 1H6, Canada. Phone:+1 514-448-2461
  4. Dominion Square Tavern – Upscale pub food & old-fashioned cocktails crafted in a refurbished 1927 tavern with a lively bar. Address: 1243 Rue Metcalfe, Montréal, QC H3B 2V5, Canada. Phone:+1 514-564-5056
  5. Le Sainte-Elisabeth – Celebrated bi-level pub known for a hideaway terrace, offering cocktails, microbrews & casual grub. Address: 1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth, Montréal, QC H2X 1L4, Canada. Phone:+1 514-286-4302
  6. Foufounes Électriques - Low-lit bar with a punk rock vibe & exposed-brick walls offering frequent concerts & pool tables. Address: 87 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal, QC H2X 1K5, Canada. Phone:+1 514-844-5539
  7. Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill - Diverse styles of live jazz & popular jam sessions, in a brick-wall semi-basement with casual fare. Address: 1254 Rue Mackay, Montréal, QC H3G 2H4, Canada. Phone:+1 514-931-6808
  8. Toqué – Restaurant. Farm-fresh Québécois dishes & tasting menus from renowned chef Normand Laprise, plus fine wines. Address: 900 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC H2Z 2B2, Canada. Phone:+1 514-499-2084
  9. BOUILLON BILK – Restaurant. Modern eclectic cuisine with a French influence served in a bright, minimalist-chic space. Address: 1595 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2S9, Canada. Phone:+1 514-845-1595
  10. Maison Boulud – Restaurant. Elegant eatery at The Ritz-Carlton featuring upscale French fare & tables overlooking the garden. Located in: Ritz-Carlton Montreal. Address: Ritz-Carlton Montreal, 1228 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3G 1H6, Canada. Phone:+1 514-842-4224
  11. Le Club Chasse et Pêche - Fishing Club. Romantic lodge setting for Chef Claude Pelletier’s refined Québécois fish & game dishes. Address: 423 Rue Saint-Claude, Montréal, QC H2Y 3B6, Canada. Phone:+1 514-861-1112
  12. Maison Boulud – Restaurant. Elegant eatery at The Ritz-Carlton featuring upscale French fare & tables overlooking the garden. Located in: Ritz-Carlton Montreal. Address: Ritz-Carlton Montreal, 1228 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3G 1H6, Canada. Phone:+1 514-842-4224
  13. Le Filet – Restaurant. Hot spot featuring a glam decor & creative seafood-focused dishes along with a seasonal terrace. Address: 219, ave. Mont-Royal Ouest, Montréal, QC H2T 2T2, Canada. Phone:+1 514-360-6060

Public transport is a great way to see the city. Hop on the metro and in just 10 minutes you’re at a museum, restaurant or in Old Montréal. Affordable and reliable, the metro can be accessed via the city’s Underground Pedestrian Network: two of the four main lines connect downtown to major tourism sites as well as to numerous bus stops and train stations.

Metro operating hours are Monday to Friday and Sunday from 5:30 a.m. to 1 a.m., and Saturday from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. The average wait time between trains is eight minutes and three minutes during rush hour.

If you prefer getting around by taxi, it’s easy to flag one down on the street. You’ll also find them at one of the city’s many taxi stands or in front of most major hotels. A trip to the airport from downtown will cost you a flat rate of $38—not including tip. Some taxis will also transport bicycles.

  1. Mont Royal:Address:Montreal,Quebec Phone:-
  2. Old Montreal :Address: 303 Rue Notre-Dame E, Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y8, Canada. Phone: +1 514-872-8702
  3. Parc Jean Drapeau :Address: 296 Chemin du Tour de l'isle, Montréal, QC H3C 4G8, Canada Phone: +1 514-872-6120
  4. Botanical Garden:Address: 4101 Sherbrooke St East, Montréal. Phone: +1 514-872-1400
  5. Rue Sherbrooke :Address:Montreal,Quebec Phone:-
  6. Places Jacques-Cartier: Address:Montreal,Quebec Phone:-
  7. Notre-Dame Basilica:Address: 110 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal. Phone: +1 514-842-2925
  8. Olympic Park:Address: 4141 Pierre-De Coubertin Ave, Montréal. Phone: +1 514-252-4141
  9. St. Joseph's Oratory:Address: 3800 Queen Mary, Montréal Phone: +1 514-733-8211
  10. St. Mary Queen of the World:Address: 1085 Rue de la Cathedrale, Montréal Phone: +1 514-866-1661
  11. Square Saint-Louis :Address: Montreal, QC, Canada Phone: +1 514-849-9635
  12. Lachine :Address: Southwestern Quebec, Canada Phone:-
  13. Rue St-Denis :Address: North-south thoroughfare in Montreal, Quebec Phone:-
  14. Chinatown :Address: De la Gauchetière Street,Montreal

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