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Moscow is big and fast, people always run somewhere, traffic is hard, weather could be completely different: from real cold to scorching heat. However, it’s an amazing city. Being one of the most breathtaking capitals in the world, Moscow has a wide range of entertainments and cultural hot spots.

  1. Red Square - It’s a public space that has witnessed executions, coronations and Cold War-era military parades since its creation at the end of the 15th century. Home to both Lenin’s tomb and the psychedelic onion domes of St Basil’s Cathedral, and flanked by the sprawling GUM department store, Red Square, is where modern Russia meets its colorful.
  2. Lenin's Tomb - big black box, middle of Red Square.
  3. The Kremlin - The seat of Russian state power, the Kremlin (fortress) dates back to 1156. In the late 15th century, Italian architects were invited by Tsar Ivan III to oversee a massive reconstruction project, including the building of the eye-catching Faceted Palace.
  4. Tretyakov Gallery - It contains the world’s biggest collection of Russian art, with highlights including works by Ilya Repin, Mikhail Vrubel and celebrated icon painter Andrey Rublev. Many 20th-century pieces are located in the New Tretyakov Gallery.
  5. The Old Arbat area - You could easily spend half a day wandering and snacking your way around the Old Arbat , a lively pedestrianized zone full of buskers, bars and restaurants.
  6. Gorky Park - Named in honor of Communist-era writer Maxim Gorky, this sprawling park on the bank of the Moscow River was relaunched in 2012 and now boasts numerous hip cafes, restaurants, an outdoor, summertime cinema, free wifi, as well as hammocks to hang out in (weather permitting of course.) There is also boating and a small funfair. In winter, there is a massive ice-rink here.
  7. Basil’s Cathedral - With red-brick towers and swirling onion domes, Ivan the Terrible ordered its construction to celebrate capturing the Tatar stronghold of Kazan. The cathedral was designed with eight chapels, each representing a successful assault made on Kazan. A ninth chapel was added later to cover the grave of Basil the Blessed, the pious ascetic to whom the cathedral owes its popular name.
  8. Cathedral of the Assumption - For centuries it hosted Russia’s most important ceremonies, including the coronation of Ivan the Terrible in 1547 and the inaugurations and burials of the patriarchs and metropolitans of the Orthodox Church.
  9. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts - This stately museum has amassed over 500,000 artworks since its inauguration in 1912. Initially filled with plaster casts of sculptural masterpieces along with a world-class selection of Egyptian relics, was then expanded with many new artworks to the museum. The museum’s excellent collection of impressionist. Post-Impressionist and Modernist art is housed next door in a new Gallery of European and American Art of the 19th-20th Century.
  10. Bolshoy Theatre - Established in 1776, the Bolshoy theatre and ballet company are among the oldest in the world and still retains its status as a world-class ballet and opera venue.
  11. Tretyakov Gallery - Starting life in 1856, when Pavel Tretyakov first exhibited his collection of paintings in his front room, the Tretyakov Gallery has since evolved into the world’s largest repository of Russian art, with more than 130,000 works.
  12. Metro Stations - Opened in 1935 as part of the government’s plan to transform Moscow into the world’s capital of Communism, the metro’s first stations were conceived as magnificent showcases of Soviet success. Today, retaining ubiquitous red stars and original Soviet artworks, the metro is a working museum of Communist design. The system carries 7 million passengers a day and currently has 177 stations on 12 lines.
  13. Novodevichiy Convent - This splendid UNESCO-listed convent was founded in 1525 to celebrate Grand Prince Basil III’s recapture of Smolensk in 1514. Many aristocrats took their vows here and it became known as a nunnery of nobility. The convent was occupied in 1812 by Napoleon’s troops, and later used as a female prison before becoming a museum during Communism.
  14. Kolomenskoe Estate - Set in idyllic riverside parkland, Kolomenskoe was the favourite summer residence of Ivan the Terrible, and the “country Kremlin” of Tsar Alexei. Today the estate draws Muscovites, who come to picnic, sledge and attend festivals in the grounds.
  15. Moscow Planetarium - The new planetarium incorporates all kinds of high-tech gadgetry, interactive exhibits and educational programs. The centerpiece is the Large Star Hall (the biggest in Europe!), with its 25m silver dome roof, a landmark that is visible from the Garden Ring. There are two observatories, the larger of which (aka the Big Observatory) employs Moscow’s largest telescope.
  16. GUM and TSUM are the largest, most over-the-top shopping malls in Moscow.
  1. Pavilion restaurant, 7 Bolshoi Patriarshy Pereulok, Moscow, neoclassical restaurant among the city's best.
  2. Jean-Jacques, 12 Nikitsky Bulvar, Moscow, great French-Russian restaurant that's a favorite among the city's young and beautiful.
  3. Oh-Two Lounge, 12th floor, The Ritz-Carlton Moscow, 3 Tverskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, for first-rate sushi and Champagne, served by beautiful girls.
  4. City Space Bar Lounge in Swiss Ôtel, 52 Kosmodamianskaya Nab, Moscow for drinks with a wonderful view.
  5. House of Music, 58 Kosmodamianskaya Emb, Moscow, it features some of the highest-caliber classical-music concerts in the country.
  6. Krisha Mira, Tarasa Shevchenko 2/3, Moscow, nightclub on top-floor deck with supernatural blondinki, electronic music and the occasional fire-breathing dancer.
  7. Café Pushkin, 26a Tverskoi Bulvar, Moscow, The café, which is really a five-star restaurant, is open 24 hours a day.
  8. Volkonsky, Bolshaya Sadovaya ul 2/46, for the city’s best freshly baked breads, pastries and pies.
  9. Ragout, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya ul 69, Muscovites are raving about Ragout. This gastropub is part of a culinary movement to provide fine dining at reasonable prices
  1. METRO – Moscow’s metro service is the world’s fourth busiest transit system, spanning more than 300 kilometers and offering 188 stops along the way. The Moscow Metro was one of the USSR’s most extravagant architectural projects.
  2. BUS - busesare the most popular and most commonly used type of transport after the underground. Buses can carry you within the city and to the Moscow suburbs.
  3. TROLLEYBUS - Moscow has the largest trolleybus network in the world. A trolleybus is a quiet and environmentally friendly type of transport.
  4. TRAMS - Only few tramway routes remained until now in the center of Moscow. It is nice to make a weekend sightseeing trip through the old city in the tram No. 39 or in the famous «Annushka», from Bulgakov’s «The Master and Margarita».
  5. MARSHRUTKA (MINIBUS) is a small bus that serves the same routes as public transport but much faster.


Tretyakov Gallery,Address: Lavrushinsky Ln, 10, Moskva, Russia, 119017,


State Historical Museum, Address: Red Square, 1, Moskva, Russia, 109012

Phone: +7 495 692-40-19, Website:

Pushkin Museum Of Fine Arts, Address: ulitsa Volkhonka, 12, Moskva, Russia, 119019

Phone: +7 495 697-95-78, Website:

The Moscow Kremlin, Address: Moscow, Russia, 103073

Phone: +7 495 697-03-49, Website:

Polytechnical Museum, Address: ВДНХ, павильон №26, Moskva, Russia, 129223

Phone: +7 495 730-54-38, Website:

Kolomenskoye Museum, Address: Andropova Ave, 39, Moskva, Russia, 140102

Phone: +7 499 782-89-17, Website:

Cold War Museum, Address: 7142 Lineweaver Rd, Warrenton, VA 20187, USA

Phone: +1 540-341-2008, Website:


St Basil’s Cathedral, Address: Red Square, Moskva, Russia, 109012


Novodevichy Convent, Address: Novodevichy Passage, 1, Moskva, Russia, 119435

Phone: +7 499 246-85-26, Website:

The Cathedral Of The Annunciation, Address: Moscow, Russia, 103073

Phone: +7 495 695-37-76, Website:

The Cathedral Of The Archangel, Address: Moscow, Russia, 103073

Phone: +7 495 695-37-76, Website:

The Ivan The Great Bell Tower, Address: Moscow, Russia, 119072

Phone: +7 495 697-03-49, Website:

Top Atracttions

Near The Bolshoy Theatre

Adress: Theatre Square, 1, Moskva, Russia, 125009


The Gorky Park, Adress: Krimsky Val, 9, Moskva, Russia, 119049

Phone: +7 495 995-00-20, Website:

The Novodevichy Convent, Adress: Novodevichy Passage, 1, Moskva, Russia, 119435

Phone: +7 499 246-85-26, Website:

Zoo And Planetarium, Adress: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Phone: +31 900 2784796, Website:


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