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Prague has been nicknamed the "city of a thousand spires." As you glance over its 1,100-year-old skyline you'll be rewarded with countless splendid views of lovely domed churches and soaring old towers that combine to make Prague one of Europe's architectural gems.

  1. Prague Castle, once the home of Bohemia's kings, is today the official residence of the Czech Republic's President and one of the city's most visited tourist attractions. Within the castle walls are a number of Prague's most popular tourist sites, including Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal Palace, and the Golden Lane. The largest ancient castle in the world, offers rewarding views over the Vltava River with the old town and its countless spires in the background. Highlights include the Old Royal Palace's main hall, the Vladislav Hall. Be sure to also spend time in the Royal Garden, dating back to 1534 and home to a number of superb buildings including the Ball Game Pavilion, the Royal Summer House with its Singing Fountain, and the Lion's Court.
  2. Charles Bridgeboasts 32 unique points of interest along its 520-meter span. The bridge is famous for its many fine old statues. Among the most important are that of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and that of John of Nepomuk, the country's most revered saint.
  3. The Clementinum, one of the largest collections of historic buildings in Europe, is home to the National Library of the Czech Republic. A highlight is the exquisite Baroque Library Hall with its beautiful ceiling artwork, the 68-meter-tall Astronomical Tower with its spectacular views over Prague, and the splendid Mirror Chapel with its exquisite décor.
  4. The historic center of Prague, the Old Town Square, made of splendid old architecture dating back as far as the 11th century, while the Jewish Quarter, Josefov, is just a short walk north. A highlight is the Old Town Hall home to the wonderful early 15th-century Astronomical Clock: each hour, it springs to life as the 12 Apostles and other figures appear and parade in procession across the clock face. Other Old Town Hall highlights are the Gothic doorway leading to its splendid interior with its art exhibits and displays, a chapel built in 1381, and an old prison.
  5. The Roman Catholic St. Vitus Cathedral (Katedrala St. Vita) is the Czech Republic's largest and most important Christian church. Seat of the Archbishop of Prague, it's also home to the tombs of numerous saints and three Bohemian kings. Highlights include stunning stained glass windows depicting the Holy Trinity, a mosaic from 1370 (The Last Judgment), and the St. Wenceslas Chapel with its spectacular jewel-encrusted altar with more than 1,300 precious stones.
  6. Church of Our Lady beforeTýnor simply Týn Church. Unmistakable for its twin 80-meter-tall (each supporting four smaller spires), includes numerous fine tombs, the superb Gothic northern portal with its Crucifixion sculpture, early Baroque altarpiece paintings dating from 1649, and one of Europe's finest 17th-century pipe organs. Afterwards, be sure to explore the 11th-century Ungelt Courtyard behind the church with its many fine restaurants and cafés.
  7. The National Gallery in Pragueis home to some of Europe's most important art collections. The bulk of the collection is housed in the VeletrzníPalace, which holds the 19th- to 21st -century works. The KinskyPalace,is home to Asian art, art from the ancient world, and the gallery's Baroque collections; and at the Convent of St. Agnesof Bohemia where you'll find European art from the Middle Ages. Finally, the splendid 17th-century Sternberg Palace houses some of the gallery's most famous pieces, focusing on European art.
  8. The Prague Municipal House is widely considered one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau in the city. This splendid civic building is also home to one of Prague's most important (and largest) concert venues, Smetana Hall. The best way to enjoy this landmark is to take in a concert or sample its café or restaurants.
  9. Prague Zoo is not only one of the top attractions in the city; it also ranks among the world's top 10 zoological parks (based on visitor reviews). Along with its more than 4,800 animals representing some 700 species - including many considered close to extinction - the zoo is notable for its role in saving the native (and endangered) Przewalski's horse.
  10. Prague's Jewish Quarter was originally located in the Castle District but by the 1200s had spread to the Josefov It’s a pleasant area to stroll and includes the Jewish Museum in Prague, an important attraction that consists of the Maisel Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Ceremonial Hall, and the Klaus Synagogue.
  11. The Strahov Monastery and Library is the second oldest monastery in Prague. The Philosophical Library contains a variety of extraordinary furnishings, along with an exquisite ceiling painted by Franz Anton Maulbertsch. The second library, the Theological Library, consists of a splendid Baroque room with a beautiful ornate painted ceiling by SiardNosecky, a Strahov Monk, along with superb ceiling frescoes.
  12. ThePetrínLookout Tower(63-meter-high)is a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris that offers panoramic views over Prague. Visitors can either make the 30-minute climb up the Petrín hill or take a leisurely trip aboard the funicular railway (there's also an elevator as well as a café).
  13. Prague's Lennon Wall, perhaps one of Eastern Europe's most unlikely attractions, has stood since the 1980s as a tribute to former Beatle and peace campaigner John Lennon. The memorial wall made of graffiti’s and Lennon's lyrics, has become a symbol of hope and peace for the city's population.
  14. Nicholas Church(on picturesque Little Quarter Square) is one of Prague's newer churches. The church features a bell tower, which visitors are permitted to climb, from the top of which are great views over the church's huge dome and the old city. Try to time your visit to coincide with one of the regular concerts held here, including Mozart's Requiem and other notable classical pieces.
  15. Wenceslas Square, home to the National Museum and numerous other architectural treasures, the square is one of the city's most important public spaces, still used for demonstrations and celebrations alike. A visit today is a fun experience, and will introduce visitors to some of the cities best dining experiences, as well as great shopping.
  16. The National Museum in Prague, with literally millions of items covering mineralogy, zoology, anthropology, and archaeology, as well as the arts and music. Another museum to visit is the excellent National Technical Museum, which documents the many technological advances the country has contributed to.
  17. Prague's National Theatre is a must-visit for lovers of the performing arts. Home to the country's top opera, ballet, and drama performances. Another Prague theater of note is the Estates Theatre, built in the late 18th century in Neoclassical style and once a favorite of Mozart, who chose to premier Don Giovanni here.
  18. The Dancing House, Prague's most outstanding modern architectural creation, consisting of two adjoining towers, this splendid structure features unique curves that resemble two dancing figures.
  19. The Vyšehrad fortress stands high above the Vltava River overlooking Prague. Although now largely ruins, the fortress is a wonderful place for a stroll or picnic and offers superb views of the surrounding city.
  1. Sansho,Petrská 25, Prague. Groundbreaking restaurant where British chef Paul Day champions Czech farmers by sourcing all his meat and vegetables locally. There's no menu as such – the waiter will explain what dishes are available, depending on market produce. Typical dishes include curried rabbit, pork belly with watermelon and hoisin, and 12-hour beef rendang.
  2. Room, V Jámě 6, Prague, Room provides the perfect setting for some of Prague's most carefully crafted flavours. With an accomplished kitchen team working from a menu created by actor Tommy Lee Jones's personal chef, it's no surprise that the food – gambaspilpil, Argentinian beef skewers, grilled octopus with fava beans – is top-notch.
  3. Nejen Bistro, Křižíkova 24, Prague. Nejenis emblematic of the new breed of restaurant that is transforming Karlín into one of Prague's hottest neighbourhoods. The kitchen's fancy Jospergrill, turns out superb steaks, beef ribs and Nejen's signature Black Angus burger.
  4. Augustine, Letenská 12, Prague. In the historic Augustine Hotel, this sophisticated yet relaxed restaurant is well worth seeking out. The menu ranges from down-to-earth but delicious dishes such as pork cheeks braised in the hotel's own St Thomas beer, to inventive dishes built around fresh Czech produce.
  5. Kalina, Dlouhá 12, Prague. This smart but unfailingly friendly little restaurant offers dishes such as Prague snails with beef marrow and parsley purée, and roast sweetbreads with glazed salsify and black truffles
  6. Field, U Milosrdných 12, Prague. Prague's third Michelin-starred restaurant is its least formal and most fun. The chef creates painterly presentations from the finest of local produce along with freshly foraged herbs and edible flowers.

Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. The metro, trams and buses are used by two-thirds of Prague's population and cover the majority of the city and outskirts.

  1. Metro - The Prague Metro network consists of three lines designated by letters and represented by colour:
  • Green Line A (NemocniceMotol - DepoHostivař)
  • Yellow Line B (Zličín - Černý Most)
  • Red Line C (Letňany‑Háje)
  1. Trams

Most surface transportation in the City Centre and inner districts is by way of tram. The wide choice of routes and frequent stops make them a convenient choice for many journeys and they are a good way of seeing the city.

Daytime operation is from 4:30am to 12 midnight. Special night trams (numbers 51 through 59) run on a 30 (20 on Fri/Sat and Sat/Sun nights) minute frequency between 12 midnight and 4:30am. The hub of the night tram network is the Lazarská stop in NovéMěsto.

  1. Buses

Buses tend to serve only the outlying areas of the city and so are not used much by tourists. The exceptions are bus 119 which connects the airport with NadraziVeleslavin metro station on line A and bus 100 which connects the airport with Zličín metro station on line B. The daytime and night time operation of buses is similar to tram operation. Night time service is provided by buses 502-514 and 601-603.

  1. Transport to Airport Ruzyně (LetištěRuzyně)
  • At daytime

Metro NadraziVeleslavin (green line, A), then bus 119 to Airport (Letiště)

Metro Zličín (yellow line, B), then bus 100 (travel time from the centre, e.g. Mustekapprox 45 mins)

  • Airport Express

fromHlavnínádraží to Terminal 2, daily (6:35 - 22:05), intervals 30 mins (dept. from Hlavnínádraží at hr:05, hr:35).

  • At night - Line 510 from the center, no transfers (direct line).


National Museum, Adress: Václavskénám. 68, 115 79 Praha 1, Czechia

Phone: +420 224 497 111, Website:

Museum Kampa

Adress: U Sovovýchmlýnů 503/2, 118 00 Praha 1-Malá Strana, Czechia

Phone: +420 257 286 147, Website:

Jewish Museum

Adress: U Staréškoly 141/1, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia

Phone: +420 222 749 211, Website:

Museum of Decorative Arts

Adress: 17. listopadu 2, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia, Phone: +420 778 543 900

Top attractions

Prague Castle

Adress: 119 08 Prague 1, Czechia, Phone: +420 224 373 368

Charles Bridge

Adress: Karlův most, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

The Clementinum and the National Library

Adress: Mariánskénám. 5, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia, Phone: +420 222 220 879


The Old Town Square

Adress: Staroměstskénám., 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia, Phone: +420 221 714 444

The Astronomical Clock

Adress: Staroměstskénám. 1, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia

Phone: +420 236 002 629, Website:

The Church of Our Lady before Týn

Adress: Staroměstskénám., 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia

Phone: +420 222 318 186, Website:

The National Gallery in Prague

Adress: Staroměstskénáměstí12, 110 15 StaréMěsto, Czechia, Website:

The Municipal House

Adress: nám. Republiky 5, 111 21 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czechia

Phone: +420 222 002 107, Website:

Prague Zoo

Adress: U Trojskéhozámku 3/120, 171 00 Praha 7, Czechia

Phone: +420 296 112 230, Website:

The Jewish Quarter (Josefov), Adress: Prague, Czech Republic

The Strahov Monastery and Library

Adress: Strahovskénádvoří 1/132, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Phone: +420 233 107 704, Website:

The Petrín Lookout Tower

Adress: Petřínskésady, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Phone: +420 257 320 112, Website:

The Lennon Wall, Adress: Prague, Czech Republic

St. Nicholas Church, Adress: Malostranskénám., 118 00 Praha 1-Malá Strana, Czechia


The National Theatre

Adress: Národní 2, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia, Website:


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